Benefits of Green Circles

Benefits to Members

  • GreenCircles members can connect and play with other Golfers across NSW
  • Play new courses with a local member at guest rates
  • Games can be arranged quickly at a time convenient for you
  • Games can be arranged with people of the same Age, Ability or even Profession
  • Arrange to play with people of greater ability to help improve your game
  • Find another 1,2 or 3 ball easily and meet regular playing partners
  • If you have a current playing partner you can find other two balls to play with across NSW
  • Never be a solo golfer stuck behind a 4 ball again
  • Invite and be invited back principal encourages people to play more often at different courses

Benefits to Golf Clubs

In a time where golf is fighting for popularity in place of less timely sports such as cycling, GreenCircles aims to boost interest and create opportunity.

  • GreenCircles members playing at other members courses will provide income in the form of guest fees.
  • Higher spend in the club house due to the social and networking aspect of the community
  • Golf Clubs have potential to attract new members
  • Clubs can open up a tee time for GreenCircles members to play at any point at a touch of a button in order to fill vacant tee times.
  • GreenCircles has a feedback system to ensure upstanding members
  • Club Professionals could benefit by offering on course lessons and reach a wide community at the touch of a button across numerous clubs
  • GreenCircles is an all inclusive platform that helps it’s members play more golf, increasing golf traffic across NSW.